moneyYou’re anxious. You feel that you are not secured. You do not have enough savings at the bank (or none at all) nor started your retirement account. Your credit card debt is at your nose. You live paycheck to paycheck. You fear that you might lose your job. Problems after problems after problems. Who’s immune to it? Nobody.

But you want to change where you’re at right now. You want to change what you’re feeling right this moment. You want to end the financial misery and be free.

But where to start?  

Just like the saying “ A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, that’s what I think that you should do. Start with a single step. Start from the very beginning. Start by figuring out what you have and what you owe…that is… your NET WORTH. Know where you are before moving forward. How much money you have (in your pocket, at the bank, in your retirement accounts and even the current market value of your home, that is, if you own one) versus how much debt you’ve accumulated (credit cards, student loans, personal loans, car loans, mortgage etc.). Make your calculations CURRENT. For the moment. This time. This minute. CURRENT.

Hypothetically, let’s say you have $500 at the bank and $5000 worth of credit cards. I am not going to give a lecture on the $5000 worth of credit cards. I believe that past is past and that lessons NEED to be LEARNED. Anyways, going back to the cited example, your net worth is at negative $4500. Very simple formula.

NET WORTH = Money You Have minus Money You Owe.

If your net worth is positive, give yourself a pat in the shoulder. You are a very rare flower. If your net worth is negative, then, it’s time to change your ways my friend. And I’ll be here to help. I hope.

Now that you know what your net worth is, it’s time for you to make a plan. Let’s do the planning next week before you yawn at me.

A change is going to come…to your finances…AND IT’S GOING TO BE A GOOD ONE!