11163899_10200550839249073_2625144832625996059_nHello budget friends! How are you?! As usual, I am super late again with my post.

But there’s a good reason for that. I’m back to school!

Yep. Your budget pal is doing some online classes to refresh and update his knowledge. So right now, I am juggling work, school, social life, my k-dramas, and blogging.

I was able to finish my work, assignments, and quizzes early so… here I am, reporting for duty! And for this week, since it’s very appropriate, I chose the topic about the importance of education.

So, why go to school?

Simple. The answer is…it’s for your future.

Education helps you build your character and it helps you to be a mature individual. It prepares you for the REAL LIFE.

Real Life?

Yes. Real life can be harsh and tough, financially speaking (not unless if your parents are uber rich and they give you your inheritance early). There will be bills and expenses that need to be paid. This is true either you’re single or if you have family. It’s just the reality of life. You will be needing a job (or jobs) to pay these bills and expenses. And in most cases, your job and your pay will be based upon your level of education and experience.

Education will give you options later on in life. You will have better opportunities. When I say better opportunities, I mean better jobs and better pay.

And IT SHOULD NOT STOP from better jobs and better pay. Ideally, it would be good for you to have savings and investments for security, and a debt-free life.

Then, there are the OTHER benefits of education

– It’s the second best investment you could ever have. Health would be number one. Remember when they said that no one can take your education away from you? It’s true. Once you have it, you have IT…for life! 

– It’s cool to have education. It somehow gives you the confidence. I think people with education are sexy. They own it!

– Scammers will have a hard time scamming you because, well, you know what’s going on.

– Education opens a lot of doors and that include going to beautiful places, meeting cool people, and experiencing beautiful things. I know a person who grew up very poor. He studied diligently and eventually attained his education. Now, he is the owner of a booming business and a boss to many. He made his poverty as his inspiration to turn his life around. How cool is that?

– A friend once told me that, with education, if your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband leaves you, you can survive on your own. I think she is right.

I may not have enumerated all the benefits and the importance of having education but the bottom line is, you need it, we all need it, for a brighter future.