maxresdefaultGuess how much I’m paying for my monthly cellphone plan?

$100?? Over my dead body.

$80?? Are you kidding me?

$60?? Lower please.

$40?? Budget pal is not paying $40. NO.

I am paying…*drum roll*

$30 every month! 

I kid you not.

$30 every month? 

Yes. I am paying $30 every month and it is a fixed rate which means that there are no pesky hidden fees like ballooning surcharges and taxes every month. It’s a flat $30.

The name of this awesome, budget friendly wireless provider is H2OH2O as in water H2O.

The Details

With the $30, you get UNLIMITED CALLS, UNLIMITED TEXT AND PICTURE MESSAGING and 500 MB OF DATA PLAN in the U.S.. You also get 100 FREE international texts and $10 worth of international calls every month which explains my monthly calls to London, Canada, Singapore, or Philippines. On top of these, there is no contract to sign on this plan. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NO CONTRACT.

Of course, like every cellphone plans out there, there are also premium plans for H2O. I didn’t even bother. I am happy with $30. I am even contented with the 500 MB data plan (which maybe small for some). I use free wifi if I have to go to the internet.

H2O uses the same cellphone tower as that of ATT. I get great signal in my area.

The Downside

I can’t really think of one.

How to Join

I thought you would never ask! Check out H2O’s website  Do some research if H2O is available in your area. Compare the plans and prices and choose what’s best for you if you ever decide to switch.

Now, what would you do with those extra savings? Emergency fund? Pay debt? Vacation fund?

*As a disclaimer, I did not get paid for endorsing this product. As your budget pal, it is my duty to share the good deals that I find. Information is money. Let’s pass it around*