Why-you-arent-making-moneyThis Saturday, my brother and I went shopping at Costco without any membership.

Whaaaaaat? Why? How?

Let me explain.

Since I only go to Costco once a year, it is not worth to pay the $55 annual membership fee to get in and shop. That would be a rip off. Plus, in reality, I don’t actually buy that much.

So, your budget pal researched on how we can get in and shop.

There were only two things that I found out. First is that, you can actually go in with a friend who is a member or second, by having a cash card. What is a cash card? Cash card is basically a Costco gift card wherein you can actually go in and shop without any membership. Yes. They allow it.

How can you buy a cash card? I thought you would never ask.

You can buy a cash card through a.) Your member friend buy you one or b.) through Ebay.

Now, since I am very independent and don’t want to bother friends for discounts, special deals, or cash cards, I went with the Ebay route. I bought this 8 cents cash card (the owner used the cash card and there were remaining 8 cents on the card) plus $3 shipping. You would not believe what people sell on Ebay. Why 8 cents? Hello. Budget Pal? You can actually buy anything from $25 to $500. Since I live in Hawaii, I wanted a card coming from the west coast so the shipping won’t take forever. After 2 days, I got my card.


And this Saturday, my brother and I braved Costco. I asked the door checker if we can get in with our cash card and he said yes. We’re in! We bought the things that we wanted. And when I checked out, Dawn (the cashier) asked for my membership card and I said I don’t have one and that I only had a cash card. She called her supervisor to punch in the special code for cash cards and I just paid cash for my purchases less my 8 cents. It was a smooth transaction. Total savings: $55+

Yes. Your Budget Pal is about saving money and getting out of debt, even if it means shopping at Costco with only 8 cents for a cash card, but there are things that your budget pal won’t do in the name of money.

1.) Buying Crap Food…Constantly

When I say crap food, I meant highly processed food like ramen, canned goods, junk food, fast food chains, and frozen meals.

Some people nowadays rely on eating crap food because they’re cheap and they’re easy to make. And sometimes, people take it to the next level where they buy and eat crap food constantly just to save money. I am not going to lie. I like buying and eating crap food too but I limit myself.

But what if that’s all I can afford? Oh please. If you can buy crap food, you can afford healthy, cheap alternatives.

If easy meal is what you’re looking for, you can actually plan your meals too and cook just once or twice a week for the entire week.

I believe that our health is our best financial investment.

2.) Cutting Car Insurance

Yes. This can definitely save us money but what if? 

What if is a future-based question and it is something that might happen or might not. Regardless, I am not going to cut my insurance just to save money. I value my peace of mind and security.

3.) Cutting Entertainment and Travel Expenses

I will not sacrifice my Korean dramas and Netflix as well as my travels just to save money. Yes, money is important but I AM MORE IMPORTANT. Entertainment and travel are essential in our well-being. They are means to rejuvenate us. Life is much more meaningful and happier when you have something to look forward to. Speaking of that, I wonder what will happen to the princess that got framed by the King’s concubine? K-drama. I also have a Las Vegas – California trip with my mom coming up in a month! I’m excited to see Celine Dion and San Francisco!

4.) Overtime

As possible, I don’t like overtime at work. Yes, I like money but I also don’t want to deprive my body of the rest that it needs.

Bottom line is, people’s health and well being are way more important than money. This is the priority that we all should focus on.

If we only live by the great Suze Orman’s motto, PEOPLE FIRST, THEN MONEY, THEN THINGS, I think we will all be in the right direction when it comes to our finances.

How about you? What are the things that you will NOT do just to save money?