11828659_10200908940281375_1107207852838130957_nHowdy folks!

My trip with my mom to Las Vegas and California is just less than a month away!!! Where did the time go? Seriously.

This is my mom’s first time in Las Vegas and both our first time in California. We are stoked! Although the planning is not that rigorous as my international trips, it is still essential to do so.

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Celine Dion fan. And guess what? I got me and my mom 2 tickets to her concert! Yipeeeeeee!!! That right there would be the highlight of my Las Vegas trip. I know already. This will be my second time seeing her. Hopefully, I won’t cry as much as the last time I saw her. Erase that. I was actually crying the entire duration of the show! From the moment she sang her first song up to the last lyrics of My Heart Will Go On, I was crying. Yes. I am hopeless.

Moving on, did I ever tell you about credit rewards? Of course, I did.

I actually have the IHG credit card and every year, when I renew and pay my $45 annual fee, they give me a FREE night at ANY IHG hotel and its partners. Uhmmmm…ANY? Since it’s ANY, I chose the most expensive suite for one night :). That would be *drum roll please* THE VENETIAN. That would be the closest thing to Italy right there. *Chuckle* I want to go Italy someday.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to afford Venetian after my free night. So, we are going to move to Monte Carlo which is also a chic hotel on its own right. I was able to book this hotel using my My Vegas Slots Rewards for $75 total per night. My Vegas Slots? Yes. It is a game app that you can download on your tablet or smart phone. You play the slot machines and you get points from playing. Points can then be converted to discounted hotel stays, buffet passes, drinks, and other stuff in Las Vegas. Score!

I plan to take my mom from hotel to hotel and just explore the strip. I am going to teach her how to play the slot machines, play poker, blackjack, keno, and we will both learn how to play craps. When it comes to entertainment, variety of food, tourist spots, shopping, and everything in between, Las Vegas won’t run short.

After the sin city, we would then fly to San Francisco! Hello San Fran! 

My mom and I want to visit our relatives in California and she’s been dying to see her two best friends!! Oh. It’s gonna be a riot alright when they see each other. Riot of non stop stories, laughter, gossip, and catching up.

What do I wanna see in California???

Hmmmm. As of the writing of this blog, I only want to see two things:

1.) The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge – I’m like hello. My mom and I need to strike a selfie at the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s a MUST.

2.) Napa Valley – If France has Bordeaux and Italy has Tuscany, US has Napa. I am not actually a wine drinker but just the thought of driving to the country and seeing miles and miles of vineyards makes me relaxed.

And since I just started my business Gift Box Central  recently, maybe I can look for new affiliates while I am on vacation. Mixing business with pleasure eh? 

Planning a trip is just as exciting as the trip itself. Of course, it goes without saying, budgeting is essential when planning a trip. My mom and I did just that. We have a budget and we will try to stick to it while still having a lot of fun.

I feel blessed and happy that I get to go on a trip with my mom. I believe that the moments that we share with our loved ones are the ones that are most important.

How about you? When is your next trip? To where? And with who?