book-cheap-flightsTravel is essential. I cannot emphasize it enough. As I’ve said in the past, traveling rejuvenates your body and soul from your everyday routine a.k.a. WORK. This is so true. I am speaking from experience. Every time I come back from vacation, I feel refreshed. If it’s at all possible, one should travel at least once a year. If I could travel more than that, I totally would.

To get you into the vacation planning mode, let me share with you my two most favorite websites where I buy cheap tickets.

This is the website that I often use when looking for flights. Actually, it is the first website that I go to when looking for flights. It gathers all the flight information and prices from almost all of the major online retailers (Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.) of airline tickets. With Kayak, you can sort the cheapest prices, find flights by a specific airline, and know the duration of the trip. Not only does it search flights for you, it also finds you hotels and cars, and all of them can be sorted to your preferences. I like Kayak’s “all in one – one stop shop” feature.

I just discovered this recently. I wish that I had known about it sooner. I find this website very helpful because it gives you a calendar that shows the cheapest prices and dates to fly! This is particularly good if your schedule is flexible.

One more tip…

  • Book as early as possible – If you are booking for a domestic flight, book your flight three to four months in advance. If you are booking for an international flight, book your flight five to six months ahead. Works like a charm.

Airline tickets are just part of the travel planning. If you can lessen the cost of your airline ticket, it would definitely free up more money for your other travel expenses like food, hotels, transportation, pocket money, etc. This means more fun and adventure for you. 😉

Are you planning for a vacation? If so, where? What are the things that you did in the past that saved you on airline tickets?