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Hello folks! How are you?

Can you believe that it is December? Yep! Christmas is just around the corner! My favorite time of the year.

A word that is synonymous to Christmas is giving. While it is true that this blog is about saving money, getting out of debt, and travel, I would like to talk about giving today. Giving, which is personal, and something that comes from the heart.

When we hear about giving, the thing that automatically comes to mind is money – people giving other people money for help.

Although money is a good thing to give, there are other things that can be given to people at no costs. It might actually be even more valuable than money. Here are three things that you can give to people right now without costing you a dime:


This is basic. A simple smile can brighten someone’s day. Cliche but it’s true. This is a gesture that everyone of us should give no matter what, even on our bad days. Smile brings out the positive vibe. Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.” Let’s smile more, shall we?

Gift of Time

Have you ever tried volunteering? I have to say, though, that in our busy lives, it is hard to find time to give the gift of time. We are just preoccupied with school, work, relationships, and responsibilities. But if it’s at all possible, try it. You will be surprised by the good feeling it brings. Whether it be helping someone to move their stuff at their new place, or simply listening to someone vent out their problems, just being there means A LOT.


It is good to give compliments. But only give it when you mean it. How do you feel when you did something good and someone complimented you? You feel good inside, right? That positive feeling is meant to be shared.


Let’s give our smile, gift of time, and compliments to people around us today. It brightens the holidays, it feels good, and the price is right, too. I wish you all, my budget pals, the happiest of holidays.