I’m back to school this week! Yaaaas!

Believe it or not, going back to school now that I am an adult, feels more meaningful, compare to when I was a teenager. It’s probably because of age, experience, and a better understanding of how the “real world” works.

Although going back to school is more expensive now than ever (it’s a whooping $1000 tuition per class at the University of Hawaii, not including books and other school expenses!), I chose to go back because I want to improve myself. There’s always room for improvement, they say.

Currently, I have 10 more classes to take to get my BBA in Accounting. I actually graduated my Bachelor’s of Science in Accountancy in the Philippines, but due to US standards and evaluation differences, I had to re-take 10 classes. Not bad. Since I work full-time, I plan to take 2 classes every semester. Yes, it’s going to be a long road, but I’ll get there eventually. Time flies so fast! 🙂

Since I am back in the groove, I thought of the reasons why going back to school is important. Why it’s important to me. And why it could be important to you, too.  Something to ponder upon.

The benefits of having education are endless. These are my top 5:

1.) Options

Education opens up so many doors. This is true. If you have a degree of some sort, your marketability and your career advancement opportunities are higher as opposed to not having one.

2.) Confidence

Having education builds that confidence inside of you. The more you know about stuff, the more confident you become.

3.) Higher Earning Potential

Yes. I am stating the obvious. Generally (and arguably), people with education make more money in their careers. Not that it’s all about money, but let’s face it, at the end of the day, the more money you earn AND save, the more comfortable your life will be. Note the word “and.” 

4.) You Won’t Be Gullible

These days, there are a lot of people getting conned by other people. With education, it is likely that you will not be easily duped by other people.

5.) You Will Always Have It

Education is one of the few things that you can keep until you die. Wherever you go, and no matter how old you’ll get, you will always have your education under your belt.

Cost of Education

Sadly, as we all know, the greatest obstacle for students in going back to school is the ridiculous cost of education. I don’t know the exact details on how and why the cost keeps ballooning every year, but it’s craaaazy! 

Paying For School

It never hurts to apply for scholarships and grants. In my case, though, I do not qualify for these. So, like most of the students, I am paying out-of-the-pocket.

Some students opt for student loans. I don’t blame them. But I think that student loans should not be taken lightly. One should carefully research and plan when taking it. It’s a debt, after all, that needs to be paid later on. 

Bottom Line

“Getting education is important. It opens up opportunities for ourselves.” I used to say these words out of research, and from the words of other people. But now, I say these words with truthfulness and sincerity from my own experience.

How about you? Are you done with school? Do you intend to go back and continue? Either way, I wish you luck on your endeavors.