Ah. Paris. Out of all the places that we have visited, Paris is my all-time favorite. It has that beauty and charm that just captures you.

BF and I went to Paris way back in 2014. It was a love at first sight. I told myself that someday, I’ll go back and see Paris again. And we did!

It was the last leg of our Europe trip in 2018. It was the icing on the cake. If you haven’t read our adventures in Czech Republic, Portugal, and Switzerland, click here, here, and here.

Because we spent most of our vacation time in Portugal and Switzerland, we only had two full days left in Paris. This wasn’t a biggie because this was our second time, and we already explored most of the tourist spots that we wanted to visit back in 2014.

Without any further ado, come with me as I reminisce our 2-day adventure in Paris.

Day 1

I just want to make a shout out: Thank you Geum and Maya for letting us stay in your beautiful apartment. We enjoyed your company and friendship. Maya is Hans’ niece, and Geum is her fiance.

It was actually drizzling on our first day. Since I am mentioning the rain, let me tell you a story. The original plan for this day was to visit Le Mont St. Michel. It is a beautiful abbey outside of Paris, around the Normandy region. I’ve been fantasizing about it for months! But guess what? The weather did not cooperate that day. The weather forecast in Normandy was 100% rain, with thunder and lightning! YIKES! I didn’t think so. We didn’t want to travel for 4 hours by train (one way) just to get wet and not enjoy our time. So, instead, we just planned to roam around Paris.

This is Pont Alexander III. It is the most ornate bridge in all of Paris. I love the gold-plated angels on top of the columns. On the right side is the Les Invalides, which houses the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte and other French heroes.

This is the Le Petit Palais – an art museum. It’s just in front of the Grand Palace, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Further walking led us to one of the most iconic structures in the world: The Eiffel Tower! Isn’t she a sight?

Good times. From left to right: Maya, your budget pal, Hans, and Oliver (Maya’s dad).

This is Hotel de Ville a.k.a. The City Hall. It’s actually a huge establishment. This is just a portion of it.

On our way home, we went to a boucherie (butcher shop), bought pork, and I made the Filipino adobo for everyone that night. Everybody enjoyed it.

By the way, this is Le Mont St. Michel (photo credit: Wikipedia). It would have been so nice to see this beauty in person if it wasn’t for the weather. Yeah, I know.


Day 2

In my opinion, France has the best patisserie in the world. We started our day with these delicious pastries: eclairs, Napoleon, and some cream puffs.

After breakfast, we went to the Louvre. The apartment is very close to the museum. Like a 5-minute walk close. We visited this museum on our first visit to Paris. This time around, we decided to just take pictures outside.

From there, we took the train and went to the Palace of Versailles. This is where they signed the treaty to end WW1. My history professor would be proud of me for remembering this piece of information. King Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, and other royals dwelt in this magnificent palace.

This is the front of the palace. Isn’t it extravagant?

After checking out the opulent interior, we went outside to see the gardens. This is the side of the palace leading to the gardens.

The palace is HUGE!

The gardens, actually, have themes. This section of the garden is called the Orangery. It sure is pretty!

And I just had to take a selfie 🙂

And this is the Neptune fountain.

And this one right here is the Dragon fountain.

We had a great time at the palace. It was exhausting, but it was fun. If you are visiting Paris, don’t forget to check out this gem.

We came back to Hawaii refreshed and invigorated from our two-week long vacation. What’s even more awesome is that, with all the fun and adventures we had in Europe, we stayed under our budget. Our secret weapon: early planning. I can’t wait to plan the next one!