It has been a while, folks. How are you? How’s your finances? I hope you have been budgeting and keeping your finances in order. Me? As usual – school, work, budget, party here and there, and repeat. Yes. It’s been pretty hectic, especially work and school.

So, here we are again. End of the year stuff, beginning of the year stuff.  

End of the year stuff – How did you do? Were you able to accomplish your money goals and other goals in 2018? Where did you excel at? What was your epic failure…OR failures? I had so many of the latter it’s not even funny. I’m like, bye 2018. Bye, Felicia. I am so moving on.

Beginning of the year stuff – Let’s start all over again, shall we? New year, new me. Let’s make plans and set goals for 2019. I’ve made a list, and they’re pretty universal. Everybody can relate to it, and everybody can do it. 

Setting Goals

What do you want to accomplish in 2019 for yourself? Something to do with your health, perhaps? How about your career? Work? School? Your relationships with people? How about travel? How about savings? How about paying off debt? Or start your retirement planning? Tip: Whatever it is, make it specific and realistic.

 Create A Budget

Sounds daunting? It’s not. Believe me, it’s actually helpful in the long run. It will give you a sense of order in your finances. You know when your stuff are due and you know when to pay them. You’ll know when you are in the right track and you’ll know when you’re overspending. Try it. List your income and all of your monthly expenses (fixed and variable) in a spreadsheet. Look at it once a month to check what’s due and what’s not, and what are the things that need to be adjusted.

Pay Yourself First

For 2019, make it a habit that on every paycheck, pay yourself first before you pay your bills. You’ll have good amount of savings in no time if you do this.

Treat Yourself

Celebrate when you have accomplished a goal – but celebrate moderately. Needless to say, celebrate on something that you can afford and something that won’t break the bank. By treating yourself every now and then, you’ll be inclined and energized to accomplish your other goals.

Achieve the Trifecta of Finance

For 2019, make it a goal to save money, pay off and avoid debt, and invest in your retirement. This is the cornerstone of good finance.

Be Inspired

It’s easy to lose track on your goals. It’s even easier to lose interest on your goals. To keep the fire burning, make it a habit to read, watch, and listen to your favorite motivational materials. Read blogs and watch Youtube vlogs about people’s success stories. Do whatever it takes to be inspired.

So, there you go. These are my tips for the new year. I hope that we will all have a fruitful 2019. Have a fantastic New Year celebration with your loved ones.