Hello, budget pals!! How are you? I hope everything is well. I can’t wait until this pandemic is over. So over 2020. Ugggh. Bye, Felicia. Or even, bye, Karen!

I have a good news, though. BF and I rescued a dog 4 months ago. Yipeee! We named him…Budrick Theodore a.k.a. “Buddy.”

Let’s rewind, shall we?

Last year, BF mentioned that he wanted a dog. And truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of dogs then. Why? Uhm, well, they drool, they lick, they smell, they’re messy, they bite…I could go on. And more importantly, it is a BIG responsibility to own one. It’s like having a child. But then, 4 months ago, I met Buddy. We met Buddy. I had a complete 360.

A dog showed up at my workplace. And the dog was just there for days, scavenging for food, barking at stray cats, and then hanging out by the doorstep. Nobody was looking for him. And out of the blue one evening, I mentioned to Hans about the stray dog situation, and he said with little to no hesitation, that we’ll adopt him. Of course, we went to the Humane Society to report that we found the dog, and we will adopt him if no one claims him. He didn’t have any microchip, and there were no missing dog reports either. We even looked on Facebook and sites for missing dogs, and we didn’t find anyone looking for Buddy. That was our cue.

We were able to take home Buddy the day before I graduated college. What a wonderful graduation present! Buddy was infested with fleas and ticks when we took him home. He was malnourished. He was afraid of people and would just lie in the corner. I remember taking him out for a walk, but he just trembled outside. He needed time.

Also, as new parents, we didn’t know the expenses that are associated with dog ownership. For some, it might not be a romantic idea to be talking about finances when it comes to your fur baby. But it’s also not a romantic idea if you fall into financial ruin because of your fur baby.

Like in everything else, we needed a health and financial plan for Buddy. With this said, if you are contemplating on buying a dog, or better yet, adopting one, these are the common expenses of owning a dog. Of course, the expenses differ depending on the size and breed of the dog. I will also be listing how much we paid as a gauge.

One Time Expenses

  • Adoption Fee (or purchase price) – $0 (Normally, adoption fee is around $50-$100. Purchase price, however, will depend on the breed and the size of the dog that you want.)
  • Microchip Fee – $10
  • Neuter Fee – $0 (This would be around $50 and up depending on where you go and if you have any kind of coupon. Thankfully, Good Karma was giving free neuter when we needed to fix our dog. TMI alert: Buddy is about a year old and not too long ago, he started humping my leg and BF’s arm. Uhm, not gonna happen, Budrick)

Fixed Expenses

  • Food – $10 (every 2 months – our dog is small. I also give him table food, sometimes.)
  • Treats – $20 (every 2 months)
  • Anti flea and tick – $15 (every month)

Variable Expenses

  • Veterinary Fee – $140 (We paid this much on his initial visit. Yes. We were shocked. Thankfully, we haven’t been back ever since.)
  • Harness – $15 (but because he already chewed on one, we spent a total of $30)
  • Leash – $15 (but because he already chewed on one, we also spent a total of $30)
  • Toys – $30 variable (depending on how much he takes care OR destroys his toys)
  • Shampoo – $5
  • Pee pads – $20 for 100 pcs (Thankfully, Buddy is now 100% potty trained.)
  • Poop bags – $10 (because you are a good citizen)
  • Dental care $20 (Yes, even dogs need to brush their teeth. If I can floss his teeth, I would.)
  • Stain / Odor remover – $8 (just in case)
  • Vaccine – $60 total for 3 sets of vaccines (He needed 5 in 1, 9 in 1, and another 9 in 1 booster; he will need another 9 in 1 after a year.)
  • Bed – $0 (Our friends, Luca and Duane, have gifted Buddy a bed. This would normally be around $10 and up.)
  • Fur Brush – $5 (Yes, even dogs need to comb their fur.)
  • Nail trim at Petco – $12 (every 2 months)
  • Grooming – $0 (We bathe Buddy ourselves every week. This could be well around $10 and up depending on the services that you want.)
  • Dog sitter’s fee – This varies. Thankfully, we have a family to look after Buddy when we go vacation
  • Insurance – We don’t have this because it is just ridiculously expensive. Sure, there are affordable ones, but the deductibles are just outrageous.

So, there you go. These are most common expenses you’ll have when you have a dog. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. Your dog wagging his tails when he sees you coming home (from your long day at work) is just…priceless.

By the way, needless to say, you need to give your dog a lot of love, time, and attention. We walk Buddy almost everyday, weather permitting. When he hears the word “walk,” he gets all excited. It’s always a battle to put on his harness because he becomes a shark, and he would try to bite and chew his harness. We would also put him to his bed at night, and he would jump on ours in the morning. There are times when he makes us mad, and there are times when we just want to hug and carry him, too.

We are sold. Our wall is down. Buddy’s cuteness and personality won us over. A new chapter has begun.

I’ve attached more of his pictures below.